A Gypsy Road

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Georgia NOT On My Mind

          If it looks like a peach, taste like a peach and smells like a peach it must be a peach right? Welcome to the great state of Georgia where … Continue reading

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‘Innocence Lost’

So for her I pined most of my days and late into the night Unfamiliar with the reality of desire Yet well versed in futility of life Long halls cold … Continue reading

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Some You Never Really Forget

(A repost originally posted May 10, 2009 on a previous blog. Sometimes life imitates art) The older we get the more complicated life seems to get, or at least we … Continue reading

April 20, 2014 · 1 Comment

‘Boogie Man’

Even if it felt like hell It raised me well Like a child of its own It never let me down Kept me warm Belly full and body covered It … Continue reading

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There’s No Such Thing as a Bad Boy

          I remember there was a time when kids could be kids. We played outside in the street with neighborhood friends in relative safety. We might even sneak off to … Continue reading

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Recently it has come to my attention that there are some out there who believe that because of some of what I write or things I post on social media … Continue reading

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A Long Walk Home

I was walking down the street on this fine Sunday morning on my way to get my daily iced green tea from Starbucks, a luxury I truly enjoy. I live … Continue reading

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It was during my yoga class today while doing my breathing exercises, which have become almost second nature to me, that I was brought back to a time five years … Continue reading

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Christmas Everyday of the Year

For me, Christmas is Everyday of the Year. One of the many reasons I so enjoy being back in the city on Christmas evening is because of a personal tradition … Continue reading

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When The Mirror Looks Back

Self awareness is a funny thing sometimes. One can spend a long time, sometimes years, searching for and finding oneself and what makes their self tick. Yet the more self … Continue reading

August 24, 2011 · 1 Comment