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Happy Birthday Ma

Happy birthday to my mother, she was the single most influential women in my life. She saw much adversity and faced it head on, life was rarely fair to her yet so often she did so much with so little in her life and always put her kids first. She was my Ma Barker when I most needed. She lived life on her own terms and once her mind was made up no one could influence what she wanted to do. To some this was foolish to her this was never again allowing another man control her destiny. Through her own experience, she was responsible for teaching us to always treat women with dignity and respect. She taught us to survive, stand up for what we believed in and to not simply exist in this life but to really live life out loud. She was old school yet she was also the modern woman and knew it. She was very religious a proud Roman Catholic and though I a lost lamb was not, she never failed to leave me with a holy card or blessed religious item when we went out for weekly dinner. I could not begrudge that which guided her through a hard life, the one thing that never failed her, the church. Sure we argued, at times a lot but she would always wave her hand and with young girl giggle say, “so what, we’re family, that’s how we do it.” We may not have agreed on many things and we may have argued but we laughed even harder and boy did we laugh. When she left us I was blessed and honored to hear from her things of her life she had never shared. I was blessed to know what she wanted me to do if within my power. I remember as a young boy lying in bed at night staring up at the blank ceiling I asked God for one thing and one thing only, to allow me to be there for her when the time came that she most needed me, God answered my prayer in spades! She knew I was there. Happy birthday, Ma I miss you every day. You were my hero then, you are my hero now and you will always be my hero. I love you.


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