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Day One

What’s there to say, another one in the books. I made it, again, although there were some hairy moments that I wasn’t sure how I would make it all I knew for sure was that I would. This one went by faster than most or so it seems. I’ve never been one of the middle-aged guys who is in the habit of casting aspersions on those younger than I by calling into question their life experience or knowledge of life in general while belching out worthless wisdoms between beer burps and farts that with age comes experience and time flies by faster as you get older. No, to the contrary, I have a theory that we get fucking stupider as we get older. There is just no other way to put it. I mean face it most of the world’s problems, I mean the real problems, are caused by assholes who actually think they know what’s best for everyone when truth be known if they had a half a fucking brain they would be dangerous. War, greed, hunger, genocide yada, yada, yada. Case in point, the self-entitled dirtbag, twitter whore, half-wit and his white hood KKK sidekick that America in its infinite stupidity elected to lead this once great nation. Yeah, a bunch of old white guys, their Stepford wives and the Uncle Toms within their ranks out of pure desperation glommed on to the only uber-rich fool, man-child they had left within their ranks in order to have any kind of say so or control of a fucked up nation. Now they kneel in front of him mouths open wide ready for a dick sandwich just hoping he won’t leave them out in the cold. They sold their souls and likely the soul of this country down the river. Sadly most people will buy the bullshit you sell them. Oh yeah, and we will pay for that dearly, but that’s a discussion for another day that I am certain you’ll hear from me on. As for 2016, just to be certain I sought out the opinions of a varied cross section of my friends and acquaintances and yeah I was correct, 2016 did go by faster than ever. The world is spinning a little faster than it used to.

I had my highs and my lows. I started this one out with my old man going into an old folks home and ended it with my ma going into an old folks home. That shit just tells me I’m getting older. In between I took  a few road trips, dated twenty-five-year-olds and forty-five-year-olds and whatever I could get my hands on in-between, made a good living, spent quite a few dollars, gained some unnecessary and much needed to lose weight, did some theater and a lot of writing, dined with intellectuals, actors, politicians and gangsters and became even more of a radical leftist than I was when 2016 started out if that is at all possible. I learned that I miss the insanity of LA dearly but I’m home in Chicago because my folks need me in their twilight years and my daughter actually likes me being around. Oh yeah and I cut loose a few people who were more aggravation than they were worth. I made baby steps in trying to figure out what is next for me on this journey. I figured out a few things and have many life questions that still baffle the shit outta me. I mean sure there were a few things that went to the dogs and I would much rather have suffered a swift kick in the nuts than witnessed them occur. But that’s life huh? Nobody got pregnant because of my sexual indiscretions or lack of good judgment which can be pretty lacking at times and I got out of it all without an STD. All in all, I would say not a bad year.

I mean shit, it could have been worse. I try to keep the attitude that If I wake up to see the next day it can’t be all that bad. Part of my personal philosophy is, is wherever you go do your best to leave it a little better than you found it. Speak the truth even if your voice shakes, is my motto. I share my toys with the other kids, play fair, be nice, always hold the door open for others first and never be in a rush to get through life, it’s already too short. Give freely of yourself and receive with humility. Treat the elderly with dignity, women like I would want my mother treated and greet children with a smile. Skinned knees hurt only for a little while but misspoken words sting forever. Always remain teachable. It’s all pretty basic stuff we learned as kids but as adults sometimes seem to conveniently forget.

I once heard; “In the end when the money and material possessions are all gone your life’s experiences are your only worthwhile currency.” If there’s one thing I’m not lacking in it’s life experiences.

Hopefully, I left 2016 a little better for others than it was when we entered it.




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