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Yeah it’s bullshit, a travesty, but this is the America we live in, the one we voted for. A country of bigots filled with hatred and extremists who preach intolerance of others wish to live life on their own terms. Extremism can only be met with extremism and guess what, it can’t be pretty. Gays complain about losing rights? If the LGBT community pulled their money out these states would be signing a different tune. But they keep spending and paying tax money to them. Why? Gay businesses are HUGE dollars to them. So use that dollar power. I mean c’mon who the fuck wants to live in Kentucky or Tennessee??? Ohio is a redneck shit hole and Michigan won’t even fight for Detroit the major American city that made the state. You get what you pay for. Women complain about equal rights or lack of? Were the fuck were you on voting day? The largest most important vote in America didn’t even get out of bed to vote. You let the GOP goons screw you like two dollar whores. As soon as Americans accept they gotta take what is theirs things will change but not a second sooner. Take your communities money away and they will come beg for you to come home. Don’t cry if you’re not willing to fight for your rights.

Reality is Americans don’t want change, they want to bitch. They won’t fight for their own rights they want the corrupt politicians who they mother fuck every other sentence to fight for their rights for them. You bitch you  want a living wage? Then take to the streets and take it and go into the streets knowing some of us aren’t coming back, that’s the price we pay. That’s the price our forefathers paid. It’s either that or live like the desperate pigs they have made us into. Pigs who will eat anything they throw them. We have not lived in Democracy for 20 years now maybe longer. We live in an an oligarchy and that will not change unless WE change. Some politician who once seemed like a messiah but is only a man cannot do all the work for you.

You can live in denial that it’s all okay or you can wake up and see how bad it is and how much worse it will be for our children. We used to be a country that worked and fought for the future now we just fight for ourselves. We live in a ‘where’s mine’ culture. A nation of desperate people who just want to be accepted and have their priests, rabbi’s and therapists tell them it’s gonna all be okay. Well guess what? It’s NOT gonna all be o-fucking-k. We call ourselves the greatest country in the world but how many innocent women and children around the world have to die by our wars so we can beat our chest and suck on the few rights we have left? We imprison more of our own citizens than ANY country in the world. We far lag in education of our children because we would rather let politicians use OUR money to build bombs instead of buy books. We allow colleges to extort us for a shot at an education or remain ignorant. Our kids stand no chance. Because we won’t give them a fighting chance. We won’t feed our homeless and shelter our elderly who built for our future. We’ll send innocent immigrant children to die in the desert and allow some asshole redneck to point guns at them while they are marched across the border. We demand our veterans fight and ask them to die for our country? What fucking country?! The country that tells them to go live under a bridge? We won’t even demand they get the medical and housing they deserve when they come home. We will send that goddamn Israel, Afghanistan, Egypt and Pakistan BILLIONS of OUR tax dollars to build and eat and wage war yet won’t give a fucking dime to save the city of Detroit that put America on the map. In fact if we utter a challenging word about Israel we become instant anti-semites. Well fuck Israel and fuck Afghanistan and fuck Egypt and Pakistan and fuck feeding everyone else. Israel = 310 BILLION, Afghanistan = 220 BILLION, Detroit USA = 108 MILLION! You don’t the math. They have decided you Americans are just not worth it.

The only thing that will save America is dead corporate greedy CEO’s, whore politicians and pedophile religious zealots. You can lie to yourself and live in denial and watch your reality TV with the Dickhead Ducks Dynasty or you can get real and take back what’s yours. What happened to guys like Jimmy Hoffa the guy from Detroit who told the feds to fuck off and pay up or suck dick and shut down? Anybody who believes revolution can be bloodless is an complete idiot or a complicit corporate asshole. Americans are afraid to say it like it is anymore. Nigger, spic, cracker, honkey, whore, kike, dego, polack, fag etc. etc. You can censor me all you like but it don’t change a goddamn thing about the reality of America. God forbid you hurt others feelings. GROW UP AMERICA BECAUSE YOU’RE FUCKED! You want rights? You want America? Well you better fight for it and take what you want because they ain’t gonna give shit without a fight!

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