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The Shame that is America’s Ignorance

With two years of Republican insanity ahead of us  brought on by the American voter, Americans deserve what they get. Nothing! It will all go to the likes of huge corporate tax breaks, lobbyists who will poison our food, lawyers who will gut what little is left of social justice and environmental terrorism. These are the people that will eat their own children to save their money. And guess what? Americans deserve it. Why because Americans don’t care about much more than the price of a gallon of gas, the latest technology, reality TV, keeping up with the Joneses and themselves. Americans talk a big game but don’t actually want to take care of themselves they want government to. We are a selfish people, possibly the most selfish culture in history of mankind and for that we are destined to suffer. Americans love to place blame. They want to blame the man they elected, twice. They want to blame a corrupt Congress and even more corrupted Supreme Court. They want to blame corrupted politicians they elected who pander to evil corporations. They don’t want to step in and get their hands bloody and believe me blood is what it will take. Because Americans are by and large fucking lazy.

This was not always so, but something happened to us in these past thirty years. Freedom and prosperity has made America fucking lazy and ignorant. Except that not all Americans get to share in that wealth and those that have not, the poor, the infirm, elderly, less fortunate and starving children, the corporate controlled mass media won’t talk about them. It may upset their viewers during dinner and hurt their ratings. That folks is the ugly truth. The other ugly truth is every one of us will, provided we live long enough, eventually end up in one of those categories. If Americans really cared about the truth these corporations would not be winning. Our farmers would not be growing for Monsanto, our homeless still hungry, our law enforcement militarizing like Gestapo, our prisons growing fuller daily, our immigrants in hiding and our children living in educational ignorance. Nobody wants to speak the truth. Truth now scares a once truthful nation.

Democrats are greedy and at best loyal as a matter of convenience. Yet still the lesser of two evils. That sadly is what America has come to folks, the lesser of two evils. When GW and his band of war criminals held the reigns and the Democrats took control what got done, that’s right, nothing. The Democratic Party should be broken up in two as is the GOP and the tea party contingency. The party for social justice and the corporate pigs in the other. That essentially what the party now is. Those who care and those who just act like they care. Like the GOP it is obviously no longer an effective party as a whole. Still, they are the lesser of two evils. They still hold some sense of traditional American values that you do what you can to take care of your fellow. Yet they are a party of fear, afraid to do what it takes, say what needs to be said and fight for what they believe with anger in their hearts and blood on their hands. At least the tea party, the sick and twisted maniacs that they are call a nigger a nigger, a spic a spic, a kike a kike and a fag a fag. Yes folks all the dirty fucking words you’re all so afraid to hear that are said everyday behind closed doors. They at least say them up front. It’s about time Americans call it like it is or die as a nation while projecting their false image of bullshit, material idolatry and culture of greed. How many people in this country, in this world must suffer, starve, or have to be bombed, burned and die so we can maintain our false sense of security and dwindling freedoms? Because believe me the GOP will take what’s left first chance they get.

The upside is that Republican will get nothing done in two years and essentially hand the presidency back to the Democrats because that is what they do best, nothing. They are so determined to control they know not how to and care not to govern. Not for the citizens sake. If they do any governing it will be strictly in favor of corporate America to further stick it up your ass so get a box full of suppositories because you’re going to need them America. The GOP also has the tea party to worry about, the biggest thorn in their side. The tea party is not bad, it is pure evil. They are the extreme religious right terrorists no different than the Taliban or Al-Qaeda. They will do whatever they have to do to make you believe in what they do. They don’t want to help make a better America they want complete dominance. The only reason they are not yet chopping heads off is because we haven’t yet reached that point. Fret not, we likely will. Make no mistake they are foaming at the mouth just waiting to imprison every fag, social liberal commie and nigger, spic and kike they can get their hands on. If history proves anything it proves the Crusades have not ended and we all know who started that shit.

The tea party is part of that group of happy-go-lucky crackpots that believe it perfectly okay to want to deny you the human right to food, water, shelter and health care and they have said as much. Their golden boy Mitt Romney was not shy about saying it unfortunately for him he was taped doing so. Guess what? They might win. Why? Because we are assholes and we let them. They will fight the old school GOP on immigration which will likely be one of the first bills presented to the president. It will be loaded with incentives for the corporations and 1% rich, not for you the regular American schmuck. You don’t mean shit but why should you, you were stupid enough to vote them in knowing these things already. The tea party will fight it because they hate immigrants, people of color and anyone or anything different than them. Nothing will get done. Their blind hatred for the black guy in the White House far exceeds their ability or desire to govern. That folks is the reality. Odd considering some of their most popular members Like Ted Cruz is himself an immigrant who now wishes to run for president even though he is not a natural born citizen. The tea party will cause chaos and destruction within the ranks of the Republican party if for no other reason than they want total control of the party. As I write the moderate to regular conservative Republicans are at home worrying about what to do with the lunatic tea party whackos who have their balls in their hands and are starting to squeeze.

People like Cruz, extremely dangerous people, deserve to be put out of their misery with extreme prejudice. To rid America of these people is without question one of the most necessary unpleasant deeds sane Americans must undertake. It’s time for groups like Anonymous and the like step up harder and faster and fight more bitterly than ever before. To say that violence is not the answer is naive and outright bullshit. America is built on violence, war, greed and the built on the blood of others. We have a history of sacrificing even our own. Make no mistake we have a history of forcing misery on our own. So get real. The only end to this whether it be two years or twenty years down the road is full on revolution and to think it can be bloodless is both naïve and born of your own fear. When was the last revolution your read about bloodless. That’s a pipe dream folks. Something the media dreamt up for you hoping to keep you from burning them at the stakes. The media, the rich, the politicians and their ilk are scared and they should be scared. Their party can’t last forever. Eventually someone has to pay the band.

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