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‘Innocence Lost’

So for her I pined most of my days and late into the night

Unfamiliar with the reality of desire

Yet well versed in futility of life

Long halls cold grey walls

A young boy too quickly become a man less the intimacy of touch.

No, for me she was innocent lost and innocence saved all at once

Possibly the only innocent thing I had ever known

And soon that too would disappear and for that I fear

The only real innocence I would ever know

Yet a distant memory in my mind

Saving me from my own self and the slow death of time

We shared something silent

If only a look

That thing only two would know

Yet even it was denied me

Probably rightly so

Still it was innocence found

Innocence lost

Maybe the only I would ever know

And likely never know again

Once, I almost held it

Just when I thought I had it all

It slipped away into the night

Like shadow on glass there and gone

Fate would intervene

Like the inconsiderate devil he can be.



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