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‘Boogie Man’

Even if it felt like hell
It raised me well
Like a child of its own
It never let me down
Kept me warm
Belly full and body covered
It raised me well
As did the streets before
Made me their own
Readied me to go on my own
Then came the they had to set me free
A freedom unlike any kind you’ve ever known
Unlike any I’ve ever known since
When I came up a boy
Scared of my own self in a mirror
Blood splattered walls
Screaming in the halls
Fists clenched in rage
Boogie man under the bed
Angel, Madonna, Crucifix or saint
Nothing could save me from my own hate
Or the monsters living inside that come out at night
Come morning they were out of mind out of sight
They who spawned me tried their best
With what little they had to work
But sometimes even your best isn’t enough
So they set you on your own
So I was grown
Before my time
Matured in body yet not in mind
Having taught me all it could
It would be only a matter of time
Before the street relinquished me
To that place that felt like hell
Yet raised me well
Behind limestone walls
Made a boy a man
Trade in a smirk for a shank
Gave me eyes in back of my head
But the boogie man under my bed
Followed me there
Telling me that though they let me down
He never would
Because he would be with me forever
He became my friend, my lover, my confidant
Taught me how to survive
And never left my side
We became one in the same
The demon I could never live without
Because all others may abandon you
But your demons never will
Even if it felt like hell
It raised me well
Even today calling out my name
It missed me so
Come back home
Just like he promised
He’ll be there waiting
For me to return home
That boogie man under my bed


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