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The Importance of Being Me

Not to be confused with being important or others believing me to be important, the ‘importance of being me’ is nothing more than simply being true to myself, who I am and the path I wish to walk in this life, nothing more, nothing less.

Many people confuse being true to oneself with being selfish. But it’s not about being selfish at all it’s about being selfless. All it really means is being true to who it is I am, what I believe and the way I want to live my life. In this case it is living my life simple as possible and simply being happy. That’s not much to ask for is it? Being happy comes from within by doing the right thing and doing ones best to live the best they can. One cannot be happy being selfish because selfishness eats at you from within. So that is where the selfless part comes in.

Personally speaking I am so far from being perfect it would make your head spin. I say this because I am still learning about being me. I try my best to live the right way and do the right thing on a daily basis but would be lying if I said I do it correctly every day. I have some flaws and some serious ones mind you. But to be honest I like flaws. Flaws make character and I am pretty sure I have plenty of that. Maybe even enough to share a little if you need some. I have neither an overblown ego nor an inferiority complex. I have I believe something of a healthy ego. One that allows me to be okay with life on life’s terms and people and walk in virtually any social circle but one that also has kicked me in the ass from time to time to remind me of who and where I am. Ah but it took me many years and a lot of work on the inside to get that healthy ego I feel okay with. Like they say learning to like oneself and be happy is an inside job.

It’s an inside job that will pay off in the end. For me it’s all about being happy these days.

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