A Gypsy Road

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Still Fresh In My Mind

An odd thing just happened to me. Today had been four weeks since my mother passed. I knew this I recognized this. As I left my apartment and walked out … Continue reading

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Almost A Year Ago Today

I watched him slowly hobble away cane in hand. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him and not stop wondering who he once was. I met him only briefly … Continue reading

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Time Kills

As unpredictable and violent as it often was, I think back on it with a certain sense of fondness. I don’t why, maybe because it’s all I knew back then, … Continue reading

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No Such Thing as a Bad Boy

“There is no such thing as a bad boy” – Father Edward Flanagan. That’s the slogan carved into the wooden¬†plaque that hung on the wall in the CPS public school … Continue reading

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Where the Day Takes You

A day is a day is a day right? So most would say what can happen in only a day. What would you say if I told you that only … Continue reading

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Saints, Sinners and Shark Pools

When you’re a kid you do what kids do, whatever that is. I’ve never been sure. I suppose because I’ve never known what it felt like to be a kid. … Continue reading

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There are No Children Here

I used to sweep the floor at night while the big black kid, Red, I think his name was, mopped up behind me as all the guys banged on their … Continue reading

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